Thursday, 21 July 2011

New job.

As part of my commitment to the environment, as well as to my mental health and my family (being Tim and Loki), I have obtained a job that is closer to home.  I had been working in Pitt Meadows at a law firm with colleagues that I truly enjoyed, which is more than many people can say about their jobs, but the forty minute commute in the morning and the hour long commute after work were taking their toll on me.

My new job is in downtown North Vancouver, which is the city I live in.  I love North Vancouver and have no interest in moving anytime soon.  The people of North Vancouver seem to be quite similar, overall, to myself and Tim, and there are all the activities right in our backyard that we could ever want: biking, hiking, winter sports, as well as dog parks and other recreational activities.  It is a terrific place to live.

So my new job is in downtown core, on Esplanade, and we live out near Deep Cove.  For those of you that know the area, it's still not a short distance between my home and my work, so most days I will have to drive, but one of the biggest benefits about my new job is that I'm going to be able to bike to work a couple days per week!  I already bought the bag I'm going to bring with me on my bike, which is made from recycled seat belts. It is being shipped now and even comes with a detachable strap that I can use to secure the bag to my hips.  The company is coming out with some paniers sometime in the future, and I will most likely get them eventually, but for now, the bag I got should be just fine!

I am really looking forward to starting my new job!

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