Sunday, 26 June 2011

Almond milk.

So I made some almond milk for the first time today.  This past week that I have been a weekday vegan was terrific, but I really miss my black tea with honey and some sort of milk or other fluid that passes for milk. I don't want to drink anything that comes in a tetrapak due to the difficulties with recycling them, which mostly eliminates commercially available milk replacement products, so I thought that I would try making my own almond milk.

I bought some raw natural almonds in bulk yesterday morning from Drive Organics, which is where I pretty much buy all of my bulk foods.  I put one and a half cups of almonds in my Cuisinart with enough water for them to soak.  I was planning to later process them in the Cuisinart, but that didn't work out.

You have to let the almonds soak for eight to twelve hours, then drain off the water.  Add four cups of water and blend them until the liquid looks like milk with almond skins in it.  Then, strain it through a few layers of cheesecloth and capture the liquid.  It looks exactly like milk!  You can add sweetener and flavourings to taste, but I left mine plain. I haven't tried it yet, but I will certainly keep you posted.

As for what is left over of the actual almonds, there is a considerable amount of pulp or meal or whatever  you would call it left over after blending.  I pressed as much of the fluids out as possible, then spread it out on my fruit leather sheets in my food dehydrator and I'm going to use it to make granola with instead of using chopped nuts.  As the solid matter that is leftover is very nutritious, it is a great way to add some nutrients to your food, instead of just throwing it away.


  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering if the milk tasted good. I've been thinking about making it myself and would love to know what you thought. I do buy it occasionally but I've heard homemade is way better.

  2. Well, I'm not going to lie, I didn't like it as much as I like skim cow's milk, but it was an acceptable substitute. It was certainly good enough in cereal and tea, but I probably wouldn't drink a glass of it. Truth be told, I can't remember the last time I had a glass of cow's milk either, though. I know lots of people that really enjoy it, but I have heard that it never really seems as cold as cow's milk. If I were to turn vegan officially, I think this would be my milk of choice, but until that day, it's skim cow's milk for me!