Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It is time.

It has been a matter of months, if not years, that I have been thinking of blogging.  The problem was that I never felt like I had anything important enough to say that I thought was worth sharing with the world.  In recent months, I have started to realize that I am accumulating a wealth of knowledge about becoming both more eco-friendly as well as more economical in many areas of my life.  These two goals are worthwhile pursuits for most of us, so sharing knowledge, as it accumulates, is the primary goal of this blog.

I have no desire to use this blog as a platform to preach from.  I started my journey half a lifetime ago as a meat-eating, non-recycling oil brat, so I do not feel like I have the right to judge anyone.  My only goal is to share information that I have gained through trial and error, and hope that it helps others that are hoping to save money and be kinder to the environment.  Take what you will from the posts that follow and leave the rest.  Saving money and living green are by their very design too individualized to formulate a cookie-cutter "Truth" or "Answer" or "Solution" to, so everyone must approach these issues in their own unique way.

This blog will focus on a few key matters that I have had quite a bit of success with in my life so far: cooking to save money and minimize waste, reducing (as in the first R in the three Rs of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"), and lastly, a more broad eco-friendly category.  I may add more topics as the blog develops, but that is definitely enough material to start with.  I absolutely welcome feedback and suggestions. If you have money saving or eco-friendly tips to share, please post a comment.

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