Sunday, 11 September 2011

16th Annual Living Naturally Fair.

I love the summer.  It is a magical time of year, and not just because I live in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, which means the rest of the year we endure an inordinate amount of rain.  I do love the sunshine, but I also love the addition of farmer's markets to our normal grocery shopping options.  I've been attending the weekly farmer's market in North Vancouver at Lonsdale Quay, but then discovered that there is a weekly farmer's market within walking distance of my home, in Parkgate Plaza.  Doh!

Yesterday when I went to go and do the grocery shopping at Whole Foods at Park Royal in West Vancouver, I saw an advertisement for the 16th Annual Living Naturally Fair at the Whole Foods on Robson St. This Fair is put on by the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, which is right up my alley. Tim and I had to go downtown to have Loki groomed, so we decided to go and check out the fair while we were waiting.

The Fair was terrific!  There were lots of local farms and food producers there with stands, such as OriginO Organic Farms (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers), Organic Lives (raw vegan restaurant), Anita Organics (grains), Daiya (the best vegan cheese on the market), Vij's (excellent Indian fusion restaurant in Vancouver), along with non-local companies such as Greens Plus and Clif.  All of the participants offered samples, and I was so glad that we went.  We were only there for a half hour, but we left full of good food and with lots of great ideas for things to cook up at home!

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