Sunday, 18 September 2011

Geez, I just recently realized just how much is going on these days that I should be blogging about.  I'm trying to keep up, but it is definitely hard!  Before I forget, I wanted to make sure to mention, which is something that I recently discovered that I believe every "eco-nomical" person, whatever their other interests, should at least check out. is an online resource for people to find other people with similar interests.  You can search in your area for people with interests in anything under the sun.  For instance, I did a search for my postal code in North Vancouver and "sustainability" and came across The Lower Mainland Green Team.  It bills itself as follows:
We’re a group of people from all over the Lower Mainland who get together once a month (often more) to help an environmental group, non-profit organization, charity or city tackle an environmental issue that needs co-operation and teamwork to get done
I also became a member of Vancouver Meatless Meetup, Veg Meetup Vancouver and Organic Vegan Living. You have no obligation when you join a group to participate in any of the activities of the group (although why would you join a group if you don't want to participate in its meetups?), and depending on the group, them may meet once in a blue moon or even weekly.  Some activities are completely free, where you are essentially volunteering your time or just meeting with others with similar interests, some things are just fun things to do that don't cost much (going to see movies, dinners, etc.), and some groups bring in presenters and essentially host seminars that can be fairly pricey.  Depending on where you are there may be few or many groups.  I highly recommend checking it out and seeking out people that have similar interests to you.  Social isolation in modern society, besides being the name of a book, is a reality of this day and age.  Get out there and meet people!

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