Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Lower Mainland Green Team.

Following close on the heels of my post about, I wanted to make sure to give some more information for one of the groups that I joined as a result of checking out the site.  The group that I joined that I've actually attended meetups for is The Lower Mainland Green Team.  Joining and participating in their activities is free (or at least the meetups that I've seen recently on their page). This past weekend, Tim and I went to an Ivy Pull at Capilano River Park.  Here are the pictures from this weekend.

Next weekend I'm going with my friend (due to my status as a football widow, my husband cannot commit to activities on Sunday!) to do riparian restoration at Guichon Creek in Burnaby.  This time we are not only pulling ivy, but we also get to plant some native plants!

The following weekend, Tim and I are going to go to Delta (again with The Lower Mainland Green Team) to help the Earthwise Society harvest their organic produce.  The Earthwise Society's goal is to increase awareness about the value of local food production.  They also donate harvest boxes to local families that are in need, so they are a good organization for us to support.

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