Sunday, 15 May 2011

Butter paneer.

For dinner tonight Tim had butter chicken and I had butter paneer (I'm not sure if you would still call it that, but I'm going with it).  We had gotten three spice packets for Indian dishes that were made locally and were all natural from a company that had a booth at the sustainability expo the day before, and we were eager to try them!  The company was SpiceWorks and they use no MSG or gluten. They had samples at the expo that were amazing, so we were optimistic that our dinner would also be terrific.

The spice packet actually contained a second packet that was to be used to season the chicken or paneer before sauteing.  Then, we brought a cup of the whey that was leftover from the paneer I made earlier today to a boil (I had done some research to see what I could use this leftover whey for and that was a suggestion), then added the main flavour packet and stirred for a minute.  After the minute was up, we added a cup of whipping cream (no wonder it was so delicious!) and stirred.  In the meantime, we were sauteing the meat and paneer in separate frying pans.  Once the chicken had sealed and the paneer had started to get a nice golden crust, we poured the sauce over each of them, half on each.
We had also made some basmati rice to go with our dinner.  We poured the sauce and chicked/paneer over our respective dishes and we were good to go!

Guess what?  It was excellent!  I can't vouch for the chicken, but the paneer was creamy and the perfect consistency.  The sauce was spicy but flavourful, and the whey was not noticeable at all.  I will definitely continue to use SpiceWorks products in the future (at least until I can figure out how to make these packets myself!), but absolutely worth the money we paid for them at the expo (3 for $10).

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