Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Election results.

Thanks to all of you that voted!  I know you didn't do it for me, but I am truly grateful for the higher voter turnout this election.  There is something extremely dissatisfying about living in a country where only half of the population votes but 100% of the population complains about the outcome.  I have never voted with the intention that the vote I was going to cast would be determinative of anything, yet I have always believed that the vote that I cast mattered.  Although according to initial estimates it appears that voter turnout is still lower than historical levels, at least it is above 60%.

I am optimistic that the Conservative majority government will accomplish a lot during its term (whether good or bad remains to be seen), and that a majority government that is able to accomplish a lot might further reinvigorate the electorate.  There were many surprises in this election, and I think each of the parties has to look at the results and learn from them.  Last, but not least, congratulations to Elizabeth May, the Green Party, and the people of Canada for being elected or having elected the first Green Party representative in North America.  I am extremely pleased by the election results for so many reasons, and I look forward to the 41st Canadian Parliament and all of the surprises and changes that it may bring!

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