Friday, 13 May 2011

Shampoo - Part VI.

Well, today is definitely different than the previous five days.  Last Saturday was my last shampoo and today is Friday, so it has been a pretty good run.  I did use baking soda last Sunday, but it's been water only since then.  I curled my hair for photographs the day before yesterday, then it looked so great that I just touched it up yesterday morning (I didn't even wet it), but I knew today I would have to at least do a water only rinse.  This morning is when it all fell apart, I guess.  I'm okay with that, though, because it really doesn't look bad, it just feels very greasy when I touch it.  This is a picture I took yesterday before everything went wrong:

So I rinsed with water the same way I've been doing since Monday morning.  I could tell there was a bit of oil in it and I debated using a baking soda rinse, but thought it was worth at least seeing how bad it is when it feels that way.  As I was suspecting, after I blowed it dry, it was greasy.  I used a large barrel curling iron just to give it a little life and that made it tolerable.  I guess I'm firmly in the awkward adjustment phase and I'm not getting out of this as easily as I thought I might.  The positive spin on all of this is that everyone that I've read about that is doing this also went through a similar phase.  I haven't decided for sure whether I am going to use baking soda to rinse it tomorrow or if I'm just going to push through this phase.  I might continue with the water only rinses for the weekend and if it is unbearable by then, use a baking soda rinse followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse on Monday morning before returning to work.

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