Saturday, 14 May 2011


What could possibly be better than salad?  Salad in a pot that keeps regenerating itself!  I went to Superstore to do my grocery shopping for the weekend baking and they had this amazing salad pot with a few different types of lettuce in it for $9.00!
Sorry for the terrible picture, but hopefully you can get an idea of what I am excited about here.  It is actually a fairly large pot with an astounding amount of very good quality lettuce.  If we play our cards right and harvest it properly, the plants will continue providing us with much much more than $9.00 worth of lettuce over the coming months and will supplement our own lettuce crop that we're trying (unsuccessfully at the present time) to grow.  It also cuts down on the cost of the lettuce that we have to buy from the store, is way more convenient (i.e. much easier to clean, doesn't come in a plastic bag) than the lettuce from the store, and next year we can use the pot that it came in to grow some more lettuce!  A very good find this lovely Saturday morning.

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