Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Starbucks and recycling.

Well, I'm not one that casually complains about something then doesn't let people know when I am proven to be wrong, so this is a very happily-apologetic post about Starbucks.  I recently ranted about Starbucks' lack of corporate social responsibility due to the fact that it doesn't do enough to encourage recycling and take responsibility for its products' impact once they leave the store.  However, imagine my surprise when I went to meet my friend Vanessa at Starbucks on Sunday and saw this:
I am so happy about this development.  Congratulations Starbucks!  And all of you daily latte drinkers, now you can recycle your cups more easily.  And this is no small step, think of how many to-go cups can be recycled now!  It might not be quite as good as everyone buying travel mugs, but I'll take it!

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